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Loft Conversion Specialists South Wales

Our Cardiff loft conversion specialists provide a variety of services through South Wales, Whether you need a new loft staircase, an attic conversion or any loft insulation, Loft Conversion Wales’ professional and expert team will be able to help quote your property for it’s ideal loft conversion type and how much the loft conversion will cost.

loft conversion window fitting


Carpentry and Joinery

Alterations to the structure of your house and roof during the loft conversion need a skilful, fully-equipped and qualified carpenter. Our carpentry skills have been honed through years of experience in handling carpentry and joinery works wherever your home needs it.

The Loft Conversions Wales team cares about customer satisfaction and reputation. Thus, we leave our mark through a quality finish product and a pleasant manner of interaction with every customer. Imbibed with us are the qualities of a reputable worker, and we take pride in the completion of carpentry and joinery work. We live by bringing life to empty spaces.


Kitchen Remodelling

The space for your family dinner should never be dull. We want to brighten up your kitchen by extending a kitchen remodelling service. It focuses on designing the kitchen that would be functional and tailored to the customer’s everyday lifestyle.

We will evaluate the requirements for the layout, changes in the structure and utilities, the arrangement of cabinets and counter tops, as well as the flooring.

Our fully customised designs, outstanding customer service, inspirational showroom, and incredible craftsmanship make us the top choice for all your kitchen renovation needs.

kitchen remodelling for cardiff home
loft conversion plastering bedroom


Plastering and Rendering

Your home is a significant investment, and we want you to be proud of showing it off by providing you with high-quality finish in your loft conversion. Our experienced team of plasterers are ready to conquer tight spaces and steep angles in your loft conversion.

They are skilled in external render work and are ready to help you with the factors that might affect the plastering. This includes electric sockets, features, wardrobes or spotlighting, as well as plumbing. We also provide a render finish of your choice from the flat and smooth finish, sponge finish or pebble dashes to different intricate patterns.
If you have some skills with plastering and want to take care of some elements, we’re ready to help you throughout the process.


Brick Laying and Roofing

We at Loft Conversions Wales guarantee high-quality craft by working with the best bricklayers and roofers in the industry. We aim to complete the work within the agreed time frame, so we’re ready to call the pool of bricklayers we trust to carry out brickwork when required; i.e. to build the gable end wall or complete the external brickwork to the timber frame extensions.

Regarding roofing, we develop a “raised ridge” (a new roof) above the existing roof to increase the head height of the loft, so that we can remove the old roof with the watertight and durable one in tact. We have years of expertise in this field and sourcing roof tiles, brickwork, cladding, paint, fascia and guttering, which complements with the external design of your loft. Knowing that it is a significant factor of your attic, we want to balance durability with aesthetics.

loft conversion exterior building dormer view
loft conversion staircase completed



A staircase is one of the most tricky parts to design because it needs proper landing and a well-thought location so you can access your loft conversion comfortably. Our team possess excellent carpentry skills we can help you to plan and build a bespoke and efficient staircase.

The staircases we manufacture from our local joinery are assembled on-site, and we ensure that it passes the standard stipulated in building regulations. We provide different staircase design options, from classic to contemporary designs, and we remove the creaks and squeaks to give you a brilliant staircase finish. To find some inspiration for your staircase plan, you can take time to view our designs at our gallery.