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Are you working with a limited budget for your dream loft conversion? Do you want to do it yourself in your own time and pace? The good news is that we can make it possible for you! We offer a first-fix loft conversion where we will build the structure, and you can do the remaining works and save money, doing a diy loft conversion isn’t as scary as you think! it’s actually really easy and we even offer over the phone support to get you started! Due to the fact there are no building regulation or planning permission most people believe that loft conversions could be considered risky to damaging your home, however that’s not the case. Loft conversions can actually increase your loft space, overall roof space and finally your value on your home when it becomes time to sell. If you do not have the funds to hire the loft conversion specialist, or if you simply fancy taking on your own challenge, a diy loft conversion is a perfect route for you.

What is First-fix Loft conversion?

The first-fix or shell loft conversion is a part build loft in which our team will complete all the major structural work on your loft extension, including the placement of your windows, insulation, joist, ceiling joist and roof structure. It involves all the technical and challenging jobs associated with a loft conversion, which includes the installation of steels, stairs and other structural work. It is a cheaper alternative since the customer can do some of the tasks for the second fix, like plumbing and electrics, which in turn minimises the cost of the overall project, and leave the larger more specialist tasks to their trusted loft conversion company.

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What is included in the first fix?

The first fix includes the finished and watertight structure for the loft with a new staircase. The rest of the job will be left to the customer to complete. It will give you the freedom to be creative in completing the project on your own or to hire your chosen tradesman that can help complete the project, if you become unsure of loft insulation, building materials, floor joists, ceiling joist and other more technical building work.

The shell loft conversion includes the following:

  • A complete and detailed on-site survey and loft conversion drawings to outline the plan.
  • Comprehensive architectural drawings which include all structural engineering calculations
  • All scaffolding
  • Fitting Steel beams that comply with building regs and control requirements
  • Construction of suspended structural floor
  • Construction of the dormer or mansard
  • Velux Windows Installation
  • Tiling of the new dormer
  • Finished flat roof on dormer (with a torch-on membrane, GRP, EDPM finishes available)
  • Installation of external windows and doors for your attic conversion
  • Construction and installation of the staircase (this excludes the handrail & spindles which will be fitted by you)
  • Cleaning and removal of all debris from the construction site caused by the existing roof.
  • An examination from a recommended building inspect

The Process

The first-fix loft conversion is divided into four parts:

The first-fix loft conversion is divided into four parts:

  • The first step involves an assessment to determine if the loft conversion requires planning permission or it can be completed under the permitted development. We would be able to advise on this during the initial meeting with the design consultant, in many cases your loft space may be up to standard and require no additional assessment for planning permission, however you may require planning permission for building exterior windows or a loft hatch.
  • The architectural plans will then be drawn up, detailing all of the structural engineering calculations required to ensure that the work carried out complies with current building regulations.
  • Once the customer has approved the plans, the construction of the first-fix loft could commence. We will install the beams, joists, suspended floor, the dormers, the new staircase and the windows.
  • After completing the structural work, we will hand the conversion back to the customer to allow them to complete the internal work. It involves the plumbing, plastering, electrical installation and the second-fix carpentry.


If you have any specific queries please contact us through  the form below.

The cost will vary depending on your existing house and the loft conversion design that you want to achieve, for example there are a number of loft conversion types that are unable to be bought in the form of a shell such as gable conversion, hipped roof conversion and L-shaped conversions. However, you can have substantial savings since we will only cover the structural elements of the project. The rest of the job can be your DIY project, we however again recommend once completed enquiring for a building regulations approval which can be done by a member of our team or your local trust renovation specialists. 

Typically the cost of a DIY conversion can be between £7,000 – £30,000

We would typically carry out the complicated engineering and the structural elements including the staircase, dormers and Velux windows, and propose our ideas at the beginning of our loft conversion plan, however if you feel there is something you would like to change about this, we recommend proposal of changes prior to project start date.

Most properties possess permitted development rights which allow the construction of a loft conversion without planning permission. However, there are some exceptions to this, and we will guide you through this process if it applies to your project.

We will install all the structural steelwork, a staircase and any dormer, mansard or Velux windows. You will then be able to finish the project whenever you want to – putting in plumbing, electrical, joinery and stud walls. You can then dry line, plaster skim and fit doors, architrave and skirting along with your choice of decoration and floor coverings, if you do require any additional loft conversion services please feel free to reach out to a member of the team, however please by aware that our team are often busy in the middle of a loft conversion project and will attempt to offer as soon as available.



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