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As your top-tier Radyr Loft Specialists, we’re proud to offer first-rate, tailor-made loft conversions throughout the entirety of Wales. Seeking a Dormer, L Shaped, Hip-to-Gable or Velux Loft conversion? Look no further. Loft Conversions Wales boasts a wealth of experience in creating your ideal space, making us the leading choice for loft conversions in Radyr.

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Loft Conversion Radyr: What We do


We’re your friendly neighbourhood loft conversion specialists in Radyr, proudly serving the local community and wider South Wales region. We’re all about personalisation, offering bespoke designs tailored to your unique Radyr homes, be it semi-detached, detached with hipped roofs, or even a bungalow.

In Radyr locales such as Danescourt, Pentyrch, Fairwater, Llandaff or Morganstown, our expert team can supply a detailed report of home values in your area, illustrating how our bespoke conversions can elevate your property’s worth. Our conversions are not just about increasing value; they’re also about enhancing your living space, adding an extra bedroom with en-suite, expanding your kitchen, or even creating more storage area.

We typically offer four unique types of loft conversions perfect for Radyr Homes: Dormer, Velux, Hip to Gable, and L Shaped.


As the demand for our Loft Conversion Services in Radyr grows, so does our commitment to creating bespoke spaces you and your family will love. With us, you won’t have to stress over dealing with the local planning authority or navigating building regulations on a loft conversion. Our expert team has you covered, providing full building control of your loft area. Explore our range of professional loft conversions we provide throughout Radyr & South Wales.

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Velux Loft Conversion

If you want to have more natural light in your loft without altering the shape of your attic, then a Velux loft might be the best option for your home. Especially around Cardiff Bay where restrictions are in place.

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Dormer Loft Conversion

The most common and popular type of loft conversion is ideal in adding floor space, headroom and more natural light for a more well-ventilated property. Great to look over the river Taff.

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Hip-to-Gable Conversion

With several roof alterations, your home in Cardiff can be transformed from hip to gable to gain more space with an attractive and natural-looking new roof shape. Popular with detached houses around Llandaff and Roath often chose a gable extension on their homes to increase space and add a potential extra bedroom.

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L-shaped Loft Conversion

The loft conversion type that can provide you with the most extensive space is the L-shaped loft, and you can opt to have multiple dormers to maximise your property. Lots of Cardiff City terraces benefit from these.

Why convert your loft in Radyr?

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Provides additional space

A well-executed, bespoke loft conversion can effectively utilise the existing roof space in your home without eating into the valuable space outside your property. Consulting with our loft conversion specialists can significantly increase your home value and provide a profitable return on the loft conversion cost.

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Increases the Value of your Property

Converting your loft is a cost-effective, stress-free alternative to moving. It saves you from the stamp duty, property costs, and the various challenges that come with moving. With a loft conversion, you gain the option of an additional bedroom, spare room or even extra storage space.

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Planning Permissions

Navigating planning permissions shouldn’t be a headache. Let us handle it for you. Our experts are on hand to guide you through the process – from understanding when it’s needed to complying with the local development plan to get your proposed scheme accepted. Don’t let legalities discourage you from achieving your dream loft conversion.

Have a question? If you’re considering expanding your Radyr home and have any queries, get in touch today with your local loft conversion company.

Have a question?

If you’re considering adding that extra storage to your Radyr home, and have some questions or queries get in touch today with your local loft conversion company.

We’ll give you a ‘no obligation quote’ and help you decide on the best route to take to extended your loft space of your home and guarantee the extra space you need.

Worried about planning, costs, fire safety or your roof slope?

Get in touch.

Loft Conversion

Our solid reputation for building top-quality, bespoke loft conversions in Radyr and South Wales comes from years of dedication and experience. We’re proud of our team’s expertise in carpentry, electrical work, bricklaying, and architectural design. When it comes to attic conversions, we offer comprehensive solutions irrespective of the challenges that may arise.

Loft Conversions Wales is committed to maintaining high safety standards. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all our works, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Our Latest Projects
Take a look at our recent works in Cardiff.

Get a glimpse of how dormer lofts could look like, discover what a hip-to-gable conversion actually is, the interiors as well as the luxury bathroom ensuites. We have a bunch of completed projects that can inspire you and give you insight. Please take a tour at our gallery for more inspirations.

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What do our customers have to say?
Most Commonly Asked....


Got questions? We’ve got answers! We regularly chat to people looking to convert their attic space, often to solve a problem. They’re wondering if a converted loft is the answer. Here’s a few commonly asked questions to help guide you on your loft conversion journey.

Your loft conversions completion date will depend on the type of conversion you want, and the pre-existing condition of your home. Our experts will be able to give you an accurate timeline upon conducting your home survey. However most loft conversions take between 6-8 weeks. 

In most instances no, it is more common for loft conversions to fall under the permitted development category, however in some instances permission may be required e.g. if you house is listed or if you’re planning on a larger conversion. 

Having a loft conversion will provide extra value for your home, the amount of extra value can differ from home to home, however real estate agents have suggested that the standard average for extra added value on a home after undergoing a conversion is 20%

In order for a loft conversion to be conducted your roof should be atleast 2.1 meters tall. 

Loft conversions can begin typically from £15,000. Our cheapest loft conversion option being the Velux loft conversion. However Dormer loft conversion raise in price on average between £30,000-£40,000. 

Loft conversion. 

Although there are other contributing factors towards price. 

For a true understanding between loft conversions and extensions including the benefits, price, planning and usefulness. read our guide here.