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A Velux loft conversion is an attic conversion that uses Velux windows which are commonly installed at the pitch of the roof. It provides access for the natural light to enter the room and helps you make use of your space. This type of loft conversion fits the attic with enough headroom as you won’t need to raise the roof any higher. Thus, you can save money and time for the installation.

A Velux Loft conversion is the simplest and cheapest type of loft conversion. It requires less construction work; thus, it is not as disruptive as other forms of a loft conversion like dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable.

Benefits of using Velux Windows

Velux windows are well-known for their ability to introduce natural light, proper ventilation and transform darkness into light. These are the advantages that you would enjoy when you use Velux Windows in your loft:


Velux windows are easy to install and it does not require significant changes to the structure of the roof.


Velux Windows allow you to maximise the amount of light that enters your room throughout the day as they do not tend to fall into the shadows as the sun moves across the sky. Consequently, it can reduce the money that you spend on your electricity bills.


Obviously, like any window, it opens up to let the air flow in your room. However, they are really easy to use, unlike a lot of windows, with several options to customise. They also come with an easy to use way to open an effective air vent without opening the window.


Though it doesn’t give you the headroom a dormer does, the opening created by the Velux generally gives a foot of extra space directly below the window and obviously even more if you open the window to admire the view.

bask in an abundance of natural light and breathtaking views while maintaining utmost privacy.
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Why Choose A Velux Loft Conversion?

No Planning Permission Required

Planning permission is not required for a Velux loft conversion because it does not require changes to the roof.

A straightforward quick win.

Versatile Loft Conversion

A Velux loft conversion is also an excellent choice due to its versatility. Other types of loft conversions may not fit certain types of home because of safety concerns and lack of space. On the other hand, Velux loft conversions can suit any property with a pitched roof. You can also upgrade or change the Velux windows according to your needs. Some people have minimised the noise from the street by improving insulation and added a thicker and more durable glass for safety, making you feel comfortable and safe.

Cutting-edge Technology

Velux windows are not only modern but also on the edge of technology. From inbuilt blinds to opening options, escape ladders and rain sensors!

That’s right; the latest (upper end) models make it possible to have your windows automatically close when it starts to detect rain…not that Wales has unpredictable weather or anything!


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Planning permission is not necessary for a Velux loft conversion as the structure of the roof is not changed or altered in any way. However, if your property is located in a conservation or heritage area or you live in a flat, then you should ask the local authorities if planning permission is required. We can help you through the planning process with the Loft Conversions Wales team, and we guarantee that all the work meets building regulations.

As a Velux window is a straight forward solution the cost is really all about what else needs to be done to the space. If all you need is a Velux window to turn your loft into a liveable space than all you will be paying for is a day or two’s work and the cost of the Velux of your choice. The average price for a Velux loft conversion is closer to £15,000.

The minimum height needed for a loft conversion is 2.2m. It will be measured from the bottom of the ridge of timber to the top of the ceiling joist. It will give you ample space to install the floor and leave you with the minimum practical ceiling height of 1.9m.

You can get plenty of natural light by installing the Velux window which is designed for a Velux loft conversion. It also provides ventilation to your loft and helps you retain your privacy so you can customise it as your office, bedroom or bathroom. Velux also offers a Cabrio system which means that the window can be transformed into a balcony.

A Velux loft conversion is one of the simplest types of loft conversion and it can be completed in anything from a day to four weeks.

Generally, a Velux loft conversion is the cheapest and quickest loft conversion you can undertake. 

If you’re looking to expand your home space, without blowing budget, the Velux is the most cost-effective solution.

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