How Much Does It Cost To Replace Standard Radiators

Standard radiators are a common sight in most homes and apartments. When it comes to heating our homes, standard radiators are the go-to option for most homeowners. Radiator cost is usually affordable and they are easy to install, which is why they’re so popular. On the other hand, standard radiators do have some drawbacks as well. To start with, standard radiators take up more space than their more advanced counterparts do. Because of this, they’re usually found in smaller rooms or apartments. They also tend to be less energy efficient than their high-end counterparts too – even though new models are coming out regularly that are slightly more efficient than the older versions were. That being said, if you plan on keeping your home for many years to come, we recommend investing in a radiator and we will teach you how to replace them in this article.

Typical Cost To Remove And Replace A Standard Radiator

A new radiator can have an average cost of between £100 and £200. If you have a leaky or damaged radiator, it may be worth replacing it with a new one. However, if you are planning to change the radiator yourself, you should know how much work it will take and whether you need any specialist tools. To get a replacement for a standard radiator, there are extra costs and labor costs if you are having it professionally installed by professional heating engineers. This is highly recommended as it would be a dangerous and difficult task to complete if you don’t have the proper skills or knowledge. The average cost of a radiator can vary depending on the types of radiator that are being chosen, there are a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from;

Vertical Radiators

handyman setting black radiator on wall

Vertical radiators are perfect if you want something that isn’t going to take up too much space. You can install these in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms where there isn’t a lot of space available for the standard horizontal radiator, these will ensure that you keep your bathroom warm and cosy. People are usually attracted to the style of vertical radiators as they are a lot more decorative. To replace, these typically cost around £150- £300.

Single Radiator

A single panel radiator is thought to be more like a container of hot water. They are very slim and are usually attached to a wall, facing outwards in a room. In terms of size, they are designed to fit closer than a double radiator against a wall. There is an option to divide this modern radiator into multiple sections to create more surface area. Generally, to replace a single panel radiator costs £30-£60. 

Double Panel Radiators

Instead of a single panelled radiator which is smaller, double radiators consist of two single panels which are attached and mounted onto a wall space. In many larger homes, this design fits better because it allows a thin gap between the wall and the radiator. Radiator replacement costs for this type of radiator usually average between £50 and £90. 

Horizontal Radiators 

white radiator on a wall

Horizontal radiators are arguably the most common type of radiator. They are the correct size radiators for walls that have a lot of empty wall space and the vast majority of larger properties choose to have these as it’s harder to keep the house warm with smaller radiators. Traditionally, these are found under windows too where the air is a lot colder. The installation cost for a horizontal radiator can average anywhere between £150-£350.

Do I Need A Plumber To Remove A Radiator? 

workman fitting radiator

The simple and short answer is yes. If you don’t have the skills and experience to remove and replace one yourself then you should not attempt this DIY style, as it could be a danger to health and safety. Central heating radiator prices for installation will increase and there will be additional costs, however, it is necessary to have a professional safely get the job done. 

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